Fishing Tournaments Are Expensive

Things in the world are finally getting back to normal, and that is a good thing.

And that means that the big game fishing tournaments are back on schedule.

The 2020 Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament runs from June 8th, to June 13th.  It is great to see the Big Rock running because it was in jeopardy of running this year due to the slowdown and chaos from the pandemic.

It turns out there are no viruses out at sea.

Also on schedule this year is the Bisbee’s fishing tournament, also called the Bisbee’s Black and Blue.  The Bisbee’s Black and Blue is held in Southern Baja down in Mexico and it is the richest fishing tournament in the world.

As an angler in the Bisbee’s Black and Blue, you have a chance to win millions of dollars.  It won’t come easy though as there is tons of competition.

With a Base entry fee of $5,000 and an Across The Board entry fee of $71,500, you can see how the winnings pile adds up quickly.

All in all, it is great for moral and for the economy as these historic fishing tournaments get back on track and up and running.