Boat Tours For New Visitors

Seattle WA boat tour

If you have not visited the Seattle area or the northwest corner of the continental United States, then you need to make a plan to visit.

Really, any time that you can get to Seattle is going to be good, but the best times, or the times that are most popular with tourists, is when the weather is at it’s best.  The best weather window for visiting Seattle is during the months of September and October (

Now, I know that is a small window of time at only two months, but that is technically the most popular, or “high tide” of tourist season.  The reason is because the temperatures have cooled off from the summer heat and also September and October happen to be drier months of the year.

And, as you may have heard, Seattle gets a lot of rain.

The best way to see the sights that Seattle has to offer is by boat.  Seattle is surrounded by water and in particular by the Puget Sound.  The Puget Sound is renowned the world over for it’s abundance of wildlife and varied ecosystems.

From a boat sailing on the waters of the Puget you might be lucky to see animals such as whales, both killer whales and grey whales, a plethora of birds, with the crown jewel being a sight of a beautiful bald eagle soaring high on the thermals above.  Or you might even get lucky and see some of the native seals.

The sound is really an amazing spot because as you pull away from the shore you can see such diverse landscapes.  The dominant figure of the area of course is Mt. Rainier.  At over 14,000 feet above sea level, you can see this behemoth from hundreds of miles away.

If you look to the north you will see Canada not far away, and the jagged peaks of the southern Coast Range of the British Columbia mountains.  To the south, and much closer, is the are the peaks of the Olympic Range which is home to Olympic National Park.

What types of tours and cruises can you expect to find when visiting Seattle?

Harbor Cruises

There are several different cruise operators to choose from that operate at of the Elliot Bay area.  Cruising these water ways you’ll get to see the industrial side of Puget Sound with up close views of the City’s skyline and huge cranes that unload the international container ships.  Seattle Harbor is home to one of the worlds largest shipping terminals.

You will also get to see some of the other icons of Seattle on a Harbor Cruise like the Space Needle (of course), the giant Ferris Wheel, and you can even get a glimpse of the Seattle Seahawk’s football stadium.

Lake Union Hot Tub Cruise

Yeah, you read that right, a Hot Tub Cruise.  These are not just any hot tubs.  These are hot tubs that can accommodate up to six adults.

Now, you have to remember, you will be cruising on the waters of Lake Union.  There won’t be any big wave to deal with.  Just the occasional sea plane that might be landing or taking off, but they will stay way out of you way.  You will be given water proof bags to take with you that you can store your phones or any electronic devices you don’t want to get wet.  And there is also a storage locker at the office that you can use while you are out on the water.

Ride The Ducks of Seattle Tours

Now the Duck Boat tours are just as unusual at the hot tub tours.  And, like the hot tubs, these tours sail on the gentle waters of Lake Union.  But that is where the similarities end.

You see, the Duck Boat tours are land and water tours.  You read that right.  Ride The Ducks of Seattle tours are amphibious tours in old converted and updated World War II boats that were used for transporting the troops onto beaches.

To learn more about how you can get ticket for this unique sightseeing adventure go here:

You can also learn more about the Dad jokes, the tour commentary, and more about the family friendly cruise by checking out Ride The Ducks Of Seattle Twitter.

Dining and Drinking Cruise

There are some cruises, run by the tour company Argosy, that will give you the full wining and dining experience.

Do you want a full three course dinner with your own private server with the Seattle city skyline as a backdrop as you lounge on the comforting waters of Lake Washington ?

Or, do you prefer to get on the deck and wander to which ever side of the boat has the best views as you sip on delicious and local Washington State wines?  Argosy’s wine cruise might be just what you’re looking for.

They offer 3 ounce pours of their featured wines, but don’t worry, they also offer, available for purchase, a full bar with specialty cocktails, a wide variety of micro brews, as well as non alcoholic beverages like Perrier.  Just to let you know in advance, they serve the wine in plastic cups on the boat.  Proper stemware would be too breakable and dangerous.

As you can see, the Seattle area has an abundance of different options when it comes to sightseeing on boats (and even hot tubs!).  Whether you want live commentary of the city, like on Ride The Ducks, or you want to relax on board with tasty beverages and delicious snacks, the gentle waters of the Puget Sound, Lake Washington, and Lake Union, have something to satisfy every type of cruiser.

And remember, while September and October are the most popular time to visit, they might not be the most joyous time for you due to all the crowds.  So don’t be afraid to come and visit Seattle during “off peak” season.