Sailboat vacation: survival tips

What is useful to know before leaving?
As soon as you look for some information on sailing, you are submerged by a flood of sites and detailed articles, full of technical words. If you also get the bad idea of ​​reading the posts of some group of sailors on social networks, you start to tremble: the teases towards newbies abound.

I replied to them in rhymes. Instead, I leave you some practical information that will make you feel more aware before leaving, knowing however that the best information on the boat and on the trip you are about to do, will be given by your captain.

The water
Boat water is a precious asset, especially if you want to experience the thrill of not touching the port for a few days. Use it sparingly : turn off the tap as soon as you can, take short showers, one is enough at the end of the day (and not every time you swim). Also in the kitchen you can try to save money, for example by recycling the water that you drain from the pasta – excellent for degreasing dishes – or by using pressure cooker.

The electricity
When you are sailing the energy is supplied by the batteries that power all the appliances on the boat, including navigation instruments, pumps, radio. If needed, the engine is started to recharge them, but it is important not to waste. The rule that also applies at home is worth even more, turning off everything you don’t need . It does not mean that you will be without a phone, but bring a 12 volt car charger with you and be prepared for very long charging times. In the port, however, the system is connected to the 220 volt column, and you can relax.

Respect for the sea
Boat waste management presents some obstacles. It is difficult to find space for separate collection (and, I must say, it is also difficult to find ports with bins that enhance the effort of the division of waste), but one thing is certain: only organic waste goes to sea and, even those, better if away from ports and beaches. All the rest must be kept by boat until the next port. When you do galley better throw the unnecessary wraps before leaving.

I still have a question pending on the glass … There are those who consider it harmless, because inert. I am not convinced, I will go deeper and I will be able to tell you.

If you don’t understand, ask
When the captain explains something, even if he knows he has neophytes in the boat and is animated by the best intentions, he can miss technical terms. He is so used to it that he does not notice and probably in his head that thing cannot be said otherwise. But you and I are not required to know, so we ask. I often realized that the questions I asked, or who had the courage to ask the rest of the crew, were useful for everyone.