Restoring a sailboat: interview with Olga and Christian

Hi Olga, where are you moored right now?
We have been staying in Glossa [island of Skopelos, archipelago of the northern Sporades] for a little over a week. At the moment I am on a boat alone because Christian had to return for work. What then are never alone, given all the legs that are on board.

We are trying to lengthen the time. We started with the classic weekends, then the holidays. Last year we made two 40-day trips and this year we decided to live by boat from May to September. We don’t spend the whole year sailing yet, but we’re looking for ways to get there. We have a home and a shop: every 30 days, Christian comes back for a week and takes care of managing everything that still needs presence.

Can you tell me where your passion for sailing comes from?
I have always loved the sea, but I had never gone by boat before meeting Christian. Water is my element: I have always swam, all my life, I stopped because of an injury but I need to be in the water.

Christian is from Milan, but his father is originally from Rodi Garganico. He spent all summers there as a child. So he began to love the sea from a very young age: first with surfing and windsurfing and then with sailing. When we got engaged, he had a 33 foot in Goro. We went out on free days for the classic day out with sandwiches or pasta cooked on board. So I too started having fun with the boat.

One summer I lived on board for three months while working as a waitress for the summer season in Porto Garibaldi. I graduated in mechanical engineering but the job search in that field did not go far.

Here is another engineer with a crisis of conscience, like me. I’m always happy to find colleagues for course change. Keep on…
We were looking for a boat to live on. We were willing to sell the house just to go around the world. But the research was not paying off.

That summer Christian visited me on the weekend in Porto Garibaldi. On the day of August, we were having a barbecue at the port and we started eating in the shade of the dry boats in front of our mooring. At one point Christian looks up and has a love at first sight: he sees a beautiful boat, follows the line of the hull and reaches the bow with the figurehead. There was no escape, he had fallen in love.

So we started asking for information: whose boat is it? why isn’t it in the water? It seemed disused and it seemed impossible to us that someone wouldn’t want to use that wonder. We discovered that the boat was owned by the shipyard where we were moored and it was easy to get permission to see the interior. It was a real disaster.